Waterslide Season Has Begun In The High Desert

It is starting to get HOT and you know what that means!!!! Waterslide season is here! My favorite season when all the kiddos can fill up the pool, hang up the hose and get wet! From June on we will no longer be doing dry slides. You can use the slides dry but all pricing is for wet. We will no longer be changing the bumper back and forth because it is very time consuming.

Waterslides For Rent

We have 6 waterslides to choose from that come in all different sizes. You can choose from 14 foot, 16 foot, 17 foot, 18 foot, and 22 foot high slides. They all come with large pools and mats under the pools to provide a soft landing.

Combo Waterslides For Rent

Need one that the kids can bounce in? We have those too! Many to choose from with all different colors. We even have a dinosaur themed one! Check out our homepage and view the selection and pricing. If you would like to book text 714-726-4485 with the day, location and unit you want to rent.

Waterslide Season Has Begun In The High Desert


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JJ Jumpers’ journey began quite simply, rooted in a family’s need to entertain their seven lively children. We initially acquired a bounce house and waterslide for our personal use, discovering the perfect solution for family fun. As summer rolled in, we ventured into renting these out, marking the inception of JJ Jumpers.


To our delight, we absolutely loved it! The joy was twofold: experiencing the happiness these fun rentals brought to others, and the pleasure of meeting new people. This enthusiasm led us to expand our venture, adding six more waterslides to our collection. But our growth didn’t stop there. Seizing an opportunity, we acquired another company that was closing down, significantly enlarging our range of offerings. Today, we pride ourselves on our extensive array of bounce houses and waterslides, continuously growing to bring joy and entertainment to you and your family.

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