18 Foot Wet and Dry Slide

What Do I Need To Do Before My Combo Or Water Slide Arrives?

Preparing your set up area for your bounce house combo or waterslide is very important. When we show up to your home we want to be able to set up right away and without any hassle.

Here are a few things that need to be done before we get there.

Remove All Trash And Debris: We cannot set up on top of anything but flat dirt, concrete or grass. You need to make sure all trash, debris, and animal mess is out of the way of the area the jumper is going on.  If you are not sure how big the jumper is you can always call or text us and we will gladly tell you.

Pathway Cleared: The path to get to your set up area also needs to be cleared and free of debris. Our combos and waterslides are very wide rolls. We also use a dolly to transport it and that is also large. We need to be able to dolly a 500 plus pound bounce combo straight to the area of set up. If you leave things in the way that make it difficult for us to get through we will just leave. This needs to be ready before we get there.

Remove Weeds: We DO NOT set up on weeds! We use tarps to set up but if you have weeds that are sticking out of the ground they will bust through the tarps and can poke holes in our units.

Remove Glass: This falls under trash and debris but you would be surprised how many times we show up and find glass in the way. Glass can rip our tarps and units and we will not set up if we see glass in the setup area or pathway.

Remove Animal Poop: This one is a big problem since most people have pets. You need to make sure all animal poop is picked up in the set up area and pathway. We do not want to step on it while we are trying to dolly in your bounce house and we definitely will not set up on animal poop. This is honestly a no brainer but a lot of people forget to do it and we will not wait for you to pick it up when we show up.

What Happens If These Things Are Not Done?


We have a tight schedule to keep many others are waiting for us to show up with their combo or waterslide. We do not have time to wait for you to clean everything up so we can set up. Sometimes we can give you a courtesy 10 min but if the day is busy for us we will just go. When you booked your jumper you where told to have the set up area ready and pathway cleared so you were aware that it needed to be done before we showed up.

What Do I Need To Do Before My Combo Or Water Slide Arrives?